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welcome to the plugboard

Welcome to the plugboard! This community is co-owned by fmdjgirl -Jeanna and __kara -Kara. If you are tired of your community not having enough members, not having a place to advertise freely and often, then you found the right spot! The plugboard was made for weekly promotions, with some rules and moderation and to help generate ljers to those communities looking for just the right members.

Also, to help drive more members to your communities, we offer a Spotlite section. At the moment, we will only feature one every week, but as we grow, we will select several comminities for this section. To become a spotlite community, it must be under a year old and or have less than 100 members. If you feel your community fits this description, feel free to make a note of it at the END of your advertisement by posting how many members and or how old your community is.

Because we are a newer community, too, please help us advertise. The more members we have, the more it helps you each time you advertise. You may promote us in your advertisements, place a link on your journal or community or place a link in your journal or community's user info.

Join the plugboard and promote all of your communities and journals today!